Welcome to Oxymoron!


Oxymoron is the union of two wholly random ideas. A pool of varying topics for comics are supplied by readers. Two ideas from this pool are selected at random — I have no idea which topics are going to be selected until I sit down to start drawing the comic. I then have 90 minutes to develop the idea into a strip and complete the final product.


Reminiscent of something, isn’t it? Hmm . . . What was it. Oh, that’s right. This.


That’s right! Blatantly ripped from the elimination challenges in Penny Arcade’s Strip Search program, Oxymoron is my attempt to push myself — creatively and artistically — as a comicker.


If you have any ideas for comic, please comment your topics on prior comics and I’ll add them to the pool. You never know, maybe the next comic will be the result of your deluded suggestion.


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Volume 1:

11. Viking/Coffee

10. Selfie/Bear

9. Unicorn/Exam

8. Whiteboard/Moose

7. Paper/Socks

6. Candy/Gladiators

5. Dinosaur/Pick-up Lines

4. Majestic/Cereal

3. Laughing/Shower

2. Clouds/Swimming

1. Burlesque/Superhero