My second (and technically third) attempt at trying to produce a webcomic. Unlike it’s predecessor, C.O.M.I.C., Caffeinated was a (mostly) regular comic, produced on a weekly basis.


Spanning two volumes Caffeinated was supposed to be less of an autobiographical and anecdotal comic, and develop the characters presented in C.O.M.I.C. as their own entities instead of mere representations of real people.


I don’t think it quite succeeded.


Anyway, the production was better, it tinkered with different techniques (most notably screen-tone for shading) and vastly improved on the art quality.


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Volume 2

37. #37

36. Superiority

35. Some Things You Can’t Kill

34. F(BLAM)k Imagination

33. The (Real) Enemy

32. Dreams (Suck)

31. The Scent of Citrus (On The Wind)

30. Behind The (Unlocked) Door

29. Sad People (Are Funny)

28. Showin’ Off (Gams)

27. Split (Ends)

26. What The Gehndo Saw (Potato on Toothpicks)

25. Introspection (Crazy Talk)

24. Arson (Pay Out)

23. New Puppy (Love)

22. Valentine’s Day (Mavericks)

21. Avoidance (Embarrassment)

20. A Thing About (Priorities)

19. Why People Wear Goggles (Protection)

18. Girl Talk (Flaps)

17. Primitive Urges (Sweat)

16. For a Third Time (Cradle Snatching)

15. Midnight Tryst (New Years)


14. First Impressions (Karaoke)

13. Not Always Better (Lip Gloss)

12. The Real Reason (Glistening)

11. Asset Reduction (Balls)

10. A Standing Ovation (Arse)

9. Ugly Dudes With Hot Chicks (Spring)


8. Cheek Kissing (Ya Mum)

7. Frustration (Group Assignments)

6. A Need for Distraction (Double-Take)

5. Haven’t Seen You In Ages (Awkward)

4. Chick’s Don’t Want (Nice)

3. The Binary Menace (PC)

2. An Open Letter to Train-Folk (Be-oh)

1. A Triumphant Return? (Filth)

Volume 1

6. …It’s The New Black

5. With Friends Like These Who Needs Lesbians?

4. …God Kills a Kitten

3. The Hidden Throne

2. Not Dead Yet

1. Fuel of Resurrection