Over the last ten-plus years I have started, drawn, and then dropped several series of comics for various reasons. Usually due to laziness, the release of a new video game, or the simple fact that my life has become so boring that I no longer have any material for a quality strip.


These are four of those comics.


C.O.M.I.C. is the first ongoing strip I ever drew, and depicts discussions, jokes and events which occurred during my senior years in high school.


Caffeinated was my second ongoing strip, and saw the continuation and evolution of the characters developed in C.O.M.I.C. in wholly fictional settings. It was my first real foray into writing a comic without basing the content on real-life events.


Bushido is the story of a master-less samurai, who’s first response to any situation is to draw his sword.


Oxymoron blends two randomly-selected topics together, with a 90-minute time limit to produce a comic. Every week was something completely different, and impossible to predict.