I don’t know how much longer I’ll be making Oxymoron or Bushido for. I’ve got an idea for an ongoing comic, and I’m exploring how feasible it is. It’s a lot more ambitious that anything I’ve done so far.

Oxymoron and Bushido are really something that I do to keep myself drawing. I’d like to do something more with Bushido, but I don’t really know where to take it. I feel that I’d need to take a trip to Japan, China — a general tour of Asia — to be able to do the series justice. I like the character quite a bit, but I simply don’t have a feel for him. It makes it surprisingly difficult to come up with new content every week — as you may have guessed from the past month or so.

Because this new project would require a lot more time — firstly to develop, plan, and the script — I’d need to find a little more time in the day to accommodate it. And, unfortunately, the simplest ways to accomplish this is to either

a. quit my job, or

b. retire a couple of comics.

I dunno. I’ll still playing around with the ideas for the new comic . . . Seeing whether it would work . . . Whether it’s interesting . . . Whether it’s feasible . . . Whether I’ve actually got the skills necessary to accomplish it — A lot of factors.

Rest assured, there will be notice if I decide to retire Bushido and Oxymoron. But I promise, if I do retire them, it’ll be because they’re being replaced by something awesome.