This one I like.

I frequently wonder whether I was born into the wrong world. Whether I should have been born in medieval times, the 60′s, or during the height of conservatism. I have never felt like this world was right. Or, at the very least, right for me.

I, strangely, have some hippy philosophies: I hate corporations. I hate big business, I hate professionalism, I hate management, and I’m not too fond of capitalism either. I actually believe these things are evil. And that they lead to evil. And that many, but not all, of people who strive for these things will, themselves, one day become evil.

The moose wants to question this system. He has concerns. But the moose is forbidden to speak.

Do not question the system, moose. Do not question the decision makers. Do not stand in the way of progress.

The moose is silent.




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