I need a couple of weeks off. Badly. I’ve needed a couple of weeks off for several months now — but daylight savings, man…

I have never been an advocate of daylight savings. I can see why it was created, but I don’t see the worth. Fact is, the closer we get to summer, the longer the days get anyway. Which means we’re already getting more daylight in the evening — WHY DO WE NEED MORE THAN THAT!

When I was a kid, it made me furious.

“It’s 9:00pm, bedtime.”

“No it’s not. It’s 8 o’clock.”

“It’s daylight savings, Troy. It’s 9 o’clock now.”

“What!? That’s stupid! It’s 8 o’clock! It’s still light outside!”

Now? Now it just stuffs up my internal clock and throws off my entire routine.