Remember, always wear a raincoat to nerd-cons.

The words Oxford added this time include squee, selfie and derp among many, many others.

‘Squee’ is a standing joke at any and all nerd conventions I go to: Supanova, Comic Con, Armageddon, PAX. I’s probably say that my greatest ‘squee’ moments have been when I saw Scott Kurtz and Kris Straub of PvP and Chainsaw Suit fame, when William Shatner said my name (I was fine up until that moment), and when I met Jaime from Penny Arcade.

‘Squee-juice’ is manifestation of ‘squee’ as a physical element. When you, or someone around you, reaches a certain level of enthusiasm over seeing someone they truly admire, the air seems to coalesce. It actually does feel as though you are surrounded by something. An aura, perhaps, or a cloud of particularly potent pheromones (ugh . . . Alliteration). Eventually the atmosphere becomes so incredibly drenched in this stuff that it seems to congeal.

We have jokingly referred to this phenomenon as ‘squee-juice’: A liquid which collect in glands during periods of great enthusiasm. During moments of extreme enthusiasm the juice must be drained, lest it become toxic. Fortunately, glands are design for the evacuation of such build-ups.


- TM