Here’s the next comic. As per usual, this actually happened.

It can be weird when things which are completely innocent can be easily interpreted an inappropriate.

I have a cat, named ‘Indie’. (Short for ‘Indecisive’, not ‘Indiana Jones’.) Because she was the runt of the litter I have long referred to her as ‘little girl’. It wasn’t until a mate came over recently and heard me call her by this title that I realised it could sound a little wrong to some people.

“You want some food, don’t you, little girl?”

“Are you being cheeky, little girl?”

“Stop biting me, little girl!”

You begin to see my point.

On another note, drawing this comic has reminded me that I need a lot of work at cartooning: drawing a cat was a PAIN! I don’t think I’ve ever drawn a cat before. It was actually kinda cool. Resulted in a full page in my sketchbook figuring out how to do it, and how to make it work in my comic style. It’ll be good to figure out more stuff like that.

And with my intent to produce three comics a week I’ll probably be doing a lot of it.


- TM