Have you ever experienced a moment where the universe seems to be telling you something. A moment where the universe seems to go out of it’s way to provide you with an opportunity — one that you thought you would never have — to try and . . . grab something that you desperately want. To take a risk, a shot, to try and become that thing you want to be. A moment which defies the odds, or comes at the very last second — after which it could never come again.

It happens in movies all the time. The guy makes the decision ‘To Hell with whatever it is that I thought was more important that what actually is important but I didn’t actually think that it was important because everyone except for that one mentor person tells me that that’s more important.’ Then he montages through a scenes of running, and train catching, and taxi speeding, and slow walker dodging, only to thing he’s just missed out . . . And then turns around to discover it right behind him.

Sometimes the universe seems to give you that one moment. Just to see if you’ve got enough sack to embrace it.

. . . And occasionally the universe like to use that moment to say ‘Screw you.’

This week a friend of mine was talking with a random girl who had “loved” something I’d done. A girl who [physically, at least] is all of the things I’m looking for. And of course that friend was talking to her when I was entirely someplace else, and that girl was entirely gone when I wasn’t.

And, being the person I am, I couldn’t help but be intrigued. I couldn’t help but want to at least see this girl. To confirm, with my own eyes, that she did actually exist, and see whether I had enough sack.

Queue montage of eight hours of fruitless searching. After which I had finally resigned myself to have forever lost the opportunity . . . And then the universe provided a moment.

Half-way though the last hour of the day, thirty minutes away from being literally forced from the premises, she just walks into the room. And I am left to wonder whether indeed I have enough sack.

And then, robbing me of the opportunity, the universe provides a second moment. Speaking through a man whose career has been of portraying the role of a chauvinistic sexual harasser it asks her, “How old are you?”