Okay, so here it is — the 100th and final ‘issue’ of the first volume of Memoirs of a Dateless Loser.

Lately I just haven’t been feeling this comic. Every time I sit down to come up with a script it’s been a real slog. I feel that I’ve improved my process, and gotten quicker and better at drawing, but joke-wise it’s been feeling pretty stagnate.

I’ve been wanting to tell different kinds of jokes to what I can tell here, and work with different characters to what I can draw here, and building different kinds of stories and worlds than what I can create here. And, unfortunately, I just haven’t been getting to that. I have been working on characters, designs, stories and scripts, but I haven’t been drawing the strips. Because if I’m going to draw a strip it needs to be the one for next Saturday.

I need to change that.

Over the next two months I’m going to be working on a couple of new ideas that I’ve got for an on-going strip. I haven’t decided which I want to commit to yet, which is why I need to start spending every night working on strips for both — so I can see what works and what doesn’t.

I don’t want to leave this site static, though. So I’m going to try and post more blog and sketchbook material in here.

This isn’t the end. Memoirs may return some day. Chances are I’ll post one any time I get a great idea that I simply have to share. But, for now, this chapter is over.

Thanks for the support and feedback you’ve all shown Memoirs of a Dateless Loser. I greatly appreciate it, and I hope you’ll all hang around to see what I come up with next.