Okay, hardly a traditional comic today.

I have been trying in vain to push myself into drawing some more stand-alone pieces lately. Even when I have the time I just don’t seem to do it. I am a born procrastinator, and trying to break that is supremely difficult. There are short periods — bursts — in which I gain new focus and drive, and I accomplish great things. Then a few months later I’m back in front of the TV eating fried chicken.

During my sojourn in the UK I managed to draw quite a bit. I would often find myself spending and evening — even the day — drawing. It was one of the highlights of my trip.

So, I decided to post some full-colour sketches for the next week or two, while still drawing strips, to accomplish my twin goals of: a. Re-building a buffer for the regular strip, and b. Develop a habit of sketching and pushing myself artistically.

To that end, this is my first sketch: Gehndo, the Pokemon Trainer.

I have been playing an inordinate amount of Pokemon X lately in order to prepare for the PAX Pokemon League this coming weekend. I have loved it, but it has literally cost me days of my life. At last count it has taken greater than 200-hours in the past few months.

So, for this sketch, I attempted to draw Gehndo in the traditional artistic style seen in Pokemon, with his trusty fire-type starter Pokemon.

Note that I have used traditional mediums: markers and brush and ink. Hence the very shaky line work which I hope to smooth out.

Hope you guys enjoy the sketches! Suggestions welcome!