The expression goes “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

There is a digital divide. It’s very real, and people suffer because of it. Not only because people without access-to or understanding-of these technologies miss out on the potential benefits, but also because society now expects and demands that people utilise technology in every aspect of their life.

Some people simply do not have the means, the access, or the ability to use these devices.

Every time I see someone log in to their email account by typing ‘hotmail’ into Google* I cringe. These people should not have an email. They should not be expected to have an email. They should be able to use traditional paper forms — as they have for their entire lives — and they shouldn’t have to pay an additional fee for the privilege!

I do wonder whether technology is actually making lives better.


*And not even into Google, into the address bar. Not because they actually understand that anything entered into that bar which isn’t a URL will be run through a search engine, but because they see it as a search query box!