There have been distractions. I’m not gonna lie. The jet-lag was a big one. I’ve only just gotten over it, and I’m trying to build some routine into my new life. Add to that figuring out my new job, and I’m not getting much done.

That said, they’re not reason enough for having progressed as little as I have.

I’ve hit a wall in the form of viability. I like the idea I had for my new webcomic. I really like it. But to turn it into something which could be [potentially] financial at the moment has made it something very different to what I originally wanted to do.

I’m torn between the decision of ploughing ahead and hoping it works in it’s new form, or to try something else and keep it on the back-burner.

Maybe I just need to sit for a week with nothing to do but work on the new comic, and take distraction out of the equation…