Someone recently ‘fixed’ the handle on my backyard door. Since then it doesn’t lock properly, and I have to remember to wrench the handle up after I’ve flicked the lock on to get the damned thing to work. Otherwise the lock might be on, but the handle isn’t actually locked.

Nothing major. Just something that I have to remember to do now. Lock the door, pull up the handle. It’s become second nature.

However, for some reason this has also led to the lock occasionally engaging by itself. If you close the door, unlocked, the lockĀ might suddenly decide to slip on. Bingo. Locked door.

I’ve have only been locked out by this twice. Both times I had my keys on me, so it was no big issue.

On this day I didn’t have my keys on me. I was just about to leave for work. And it was freezing.

Fortunately someone else with a set of keys was only a 20-minute drive away. And I had my phone on me. But it was a cold, angry 20 minutes.