There’s definitely a European dominance in the UK — which is to be expected. Romanians, Italians, Swedes, French, Greek . . . and then the Americans and Canadians.

This, I believe, has contributed to my first real cultural shock: everyone walks on the right-hand side here. While it’s hardly standard Down Under, I’ve always lived under the assumption that most people will veer to the left-hand side while walking, following the conventions of our road laws. It’s just kinda logical. As Ireland and the UK follow that same roadway convention, I thought that walking would follow suit.

I was quite wrong.

Here everyone favours walking on the right. I figure it’s the European (and to a lesser extent American) influence. I have been massively shocked by the sheer number of Europeans. I was hard-pressed to even find a Brit in London — and you’ll never find one working in a restaurant or cafĂ©.