I am very opinionated, but I do always try and see things from other peoples perspective.

Most of the time, I try to be open minded. Especially at conventions. I like to discuss movies, comics and other stuff with people in the lines. We don’t always agree that Dredd was a great flick, and that there should be a sequel, but I try to respect those differences of opinion while we debate them. After all, that what pop culture conventions are all about — accepting socially isolated people for interests which mainstream society has long considered weird.

That said, some things do go a little too far for me.

In other news I will be completing the first page from my new comic The Hidden this weekend. I’m really excited about it, and all I want to do is shut myself inside all weekend and draw it! (Why must people keep requesting that I be social?) So get ready for that on Monday.

Finally, THERE SHOULD BE A DREDD SEQUEL! Go sign this petition.