It is, I suppose, a little known fact that I have always wanted to be a father. This may surprise or even shock some people, but it is true. It’s one of the three things I want most out of life. However, I have come to conclusion that I will never have children. There are multiple reasons, but one of the main ones is that I would be a terrible father, and I don’t want to inflict that upon a child.

Anyway, there was a young girl in the library the other day — probably in grade prep. It looks like her parents had dumped her in the library while they went to the gym, or shopping, or something. So this little girl was pacing back-and-forth between the picture book section and the front on the library where she had left her bag. She’d shyly browse through the books, selecting one or two, then carefully bring them back to her bad, inspect them, and then cautiously make her way back to the picture books again.

Worried that she had indeed been left there by herself, a little scared, I asked her whether she’d found some good books to read. She nodded sagely. I asked her what kind of books she liked. “Family books.” So I told her I’d keep and eye out for some for her. She seemed happy about that, and appeared a little more confident with her browsing and hoarding.

A few minutes later, while walking past a shelf, I saw a book with a large family in the forest. I picked it up off the shelf and brought it over to her. Her eyes lit up with incredulity at the book, and she gave me the biggest smile.

It was possibly the most adorable thing I have ever seen.