The first comic of a two-parter.

A while ago I decided I’d finally buy a car. But this time I wasn’t going to buy something cheap, or ‘okay’, I was going to buy a decent, new car which I wouldn’t hate in 6-months time. Something I could drive for the next 5 years without wanting to upgrade.

I do some research, I find the car that I want, I want around for two months for the damned thing to actually be made available…

Enter the car salesmen.

I have come to the conclusion that car salesmen don’t only live up to every stereotype, but they are also the physical representation for everything which is shit with human society. Kudos. But more on that next week.

In today’s comic we see my first attempt to test-drive this new car: Complete dismissal.

I was told the car wasn’t released, when I argued they said that it was coming out next month and that they didn’t even know what the range or prices where. So I loaded up the website and showed them exactly what the ranges and prices were. I was told again that they weren’t available, they weren’t arriving until next month, and that they guessed they could put me on a waiting list to test-drive one.

I then contacted another dealership who told me they’d just gotten three delivered two days earlier, and to come down for a test-drive. But you’ll have to wait until next week to find out what happened there.