As noted last week, I flew to Adelaide to attend the Supanova convention. Something which I usually do for one day of every convention I attend is to wear my Malcolm Reynolds costume — a character portrayed by Nathan Fillion in Joss Whedon’s short-lived, but much love-ed, television series Firefly.

I have provided numerous links above, as I am well aware that many people who read my comic aren’t actually aware of who the Hell  ’Malcolm Reynolds’ actually is.

While wearing the costume I live in reflective glory. People congratulate me on the costume, salute, nod and say ‘Captain’ in passing. I usually get requests for photos. I look nothing like Nathan Fillion, but I have a pretty decent costume — which tends to be enough. It’s actually kinda cool.

This time one girl — who happened to be one of the volunteers for the day — spotted me pretty quick. She was a tad flushed and gushy, as she’d never seen a Malcolm Reynolds cosplay before, as was very impressed. I thanked her, and went my own way. Five to ten minutes later, she’d tracked me down with another volunteer who had a camera phone in hand, and sheepishly asked whether she could have a photo with me.

It was a very cute moment, and the highlight of the day — with the possible exception of the glorious steak dinner that night . . . Man, I want a steak right now. Where can you get a steak at 11 at night? A steak with red wine gravy . . .

I’m getting sidetracked.

At the end of the Saturday I decided that I might try and talk to her on Sunday. She seemed nice, she was cute, and being able to identify a ‘Captain Tightpants’ meant that she obviously had good taste.

Alas, when I saw her the next day she didn’t even look at me twice. Complete and utter non-interest.

It’s something I’ve come to expect. When I’ve got the tightpants on, there’ll always be at least one person who notices. Once I’m in civies I’m a person of irrelevance.




On another note, I would have liked to have not rushed this comic. I was so happy with the gray-scale toning of last weeks. I would have loved to have continued that. Unfortunately, I have been busy either exercising or working on the new comic.

Starting next week, I’ll probably start posting teasers of development artwork in place of Bushido and Oxymoron posts.