No time for a lengthy post today — he says, as you all breathe a sigh of relief — as I’m travelling to a convention today, and I’m a bit time-restricted.

Please note, that as well as all these things I’ve also packed my Capt. Malcolm Reynolds┬ácostume. Which is surprisingly space-consuming.

I did something a little different and shaded some of the image in the last panel. I actually like it. I may do that more in the future. I rather like the look of the characters in grey-scale. Quite dapper.

You also may have noticed that Oxymoron┬áhasn’t been posted this week. This is for two reasons:

  1. I was busy preparing for the convention.
  2. I have decided that I will definitely retire, for the moment at least, in order to provide more time to work on my new project.

I have not decided whether I’m going to retire Bushido as of yet. You’ll have to find that out next week.

Have a good weekend everyone!