So, last weekend I went to my high school reunion. I noticed one thing – people don’t change.

Looking at the comic, long-time readers may notice that Gehndo is regressing back through his various incarnations throughout the strip. I’m hoping to have the entire back-catalogue of comics uploaded in the next couple of weeks. So you’ll be able to go back and see those early versions of him yourself.

But, back to the topic at hand: People don’t change. This is going to sound a bit harsh, but this is the reality of the event as I saw it. And it’s the impression I got from others with whom I was talking during the event.

Let me be clear in this — this is not a criticism or attack on others from my high school year. Please, do not feel offended. Because, in all honesty, I didn’t, so you’re not allowed to.*

It’s been ten years since I finished high school and in the 4-5 hours that I was in a room with them I realised that absolutely nothing had changed. When I first walked up there were only handful of people there. And I could only read the expressions on their faces as ‘What the Hell is he doing here?’

Granted, these where people who were not my friends. I only had a small group of close friends in high school, and I generally disapproved of everyone else. Basically because I didn’t like who they were. Not in every case — I can think of quite a few people who I thought were good people who weren’t my friends — but admittedly in most cases. I didn’t think they were good people.

But, that was high school. You’re supposed to think that everyone who isn’t a close friend is an arsehole. That they hate you so you should hate them. Your experience and worldliness is severely limited. So it’s perfectly natural. So, in going to this reunion, I was prepared to accept everyone as who they are now — not who I thought they were then. After all, as immature as I still am, I know that I have changed.

After exchanging a few courtesies, though. A few, ‘Hi, how are you?’ ‘It’s been so long!’ ‘So what are you up to these days.’ It became obvious that the people who didn’t mind me, still didn’t mind me. The people who didn’t mind me but acted as if they didn’t like me in front of their friends, still didn’t mind me but acted as it they didn’t like me in front of their friends. And the people who didn’t like me, still didn’t like me.

That said, it did have it’s moments. There were a handful of people who I did quite like in high school — who weren’t within my circle of friends — that I had a good talk to, and got along with quite well. But, on the whole, it felt very much like a revisiting of high school. With me, and a couple of friends, more-or-less cast as social pariah, standing alone off to one side.

I don’t think I’m gonna bother with twenty.


*This really isn’t a criticism. And I don’t want people to be offended. This is my observation of these events. I am not saying that anyone is a bad person.