I don’t have a girlfriend — a fact well established by the title of this comic series.

While not exactly a focus of this comic, it does seem to be a reoccurring theme.

Hence, I present Vindication. A portrayal of the past seven days, in which my father has enquired as to the status of my love-life, in varying ways, a number of times.

I have selected the three which I thought the most interesting, and they are presented accurately. The first panel depicting me picking my father up from the airport. I had to bail early on a night out with friends to do this. My father’s first thought — was I getting action at this gathering?

The second panel shows my father admiring some artwork which I’ve recently displayed — most notably a canvas printing of this image. Prompting the immediate enquiry as to who the real-world manifestation of this girl is.

The final followed the artwork, as my father finally realised that when I had been saying “I’m drawing comics” for the last 3 months, that I meant that I’d actually been drawing comics for the last three months — so he began to look through the back catalogue. While reading this comic he was appalled to discover that there had been an attractive lawyer in attendance which I had failed to inform him off.

My old man’s final line in the comic is 100% accurate.

Doesn’t exactly inspire confidence — which is why I’ve quit. So, if it seems like I go on about it too much — and believe me, I think that I go on about it too much — then it is nothing compared to how often my old man goes on about my love-life.