One of the parts of my job is running programs for young adults (12-24 years). Problem is . . . They’re a pain in the arse to convince to attend.

Of course, that’s part of the job. That’s the reason my job exists — to provide a specialty role which will know how to target teens and get them interested in the library. But it doesn’t help when other factors make the job more difficult.

These holidays have been very quiet for young adult programs. It actually hasn’t been as bad as depicted in this comic . . . But it wasn’t much better.

In other news, I can’t recommend Dredd highly enough. I have watched that film half-a-dozen times in the last two weeks. It’s brilliant! I watched the Sylvester Stallone flick Judge Dredd when I was a kid, and yeah, I enjoyed it. But Dredd is just so much better. I know that they’re not going to make any sequels — which is very disappointing, because the film felt like a mission. It wasn’t a story which was trying to compress 35 years on canon into 120 minutes, it felt like a single mission which barely scratched the surface.

I’d like to see half a dozen films where Dredd takes on all kinds of different criminals. And I really respect that Karl Urban was true to the character and didn’t remove his helmet. That’s gotta be hard to an actor who’s looking to promote and get his face on as many billboards as possible.

This flick has made me start reading the original comics. Great stuff.

Damn . . . I think I’m going to have to go watch it again.