So, I had jury duty this week. I was given a weeks’ notice of the possibility, and then I had to call up at 4:30 the night before to see whether I actually had to go.

After having the date changed twice, I finally ended up at the court house.

Fortunately it was a fairly painless process. About an hour and a half of waiting around, followed by a brief stint in a court room, before being released from service. I’m now clear for two years, at least.

The awkward thing was that everything what is in the comic is, pretty much, word-for-word what was going through my mind.

We sat down, had the process read out to us, and then I noticed that this¬†spectacular¬†woman was sitting at the desk in front of me. All of those thought bubbles — yes, all of them — accurate.

Unfortunately, the case was going to take three weeks. I couldn’t afford to be on a case for three weeks. So, when my name was called, I has to answer ‘Excuse.’

While I’m glad I’m not in a jury… I kinda regret it.