Hair isn’t a conduit for sexyness

Okay, right from the start I’d like to say that I’m not trying to pay Nommic out about his hair. I just needed something to leech off for this comic, and that happened to be it.
There are two things I’d like to point out about this comic that I don’t know whether everyone will understand.
Firstly; in the first frame there is a brief reference to a hysterical mistake made by Hakuda. Any on the “Knights of the Round Xbox LAN” should know of it, anyone else, just ignore it.
Secondly: In the final frame we actually get to see Nommic’s eyebrows. This served a dual purpose, as it supported the joke about him coloring his hair, and it also let us know that yes; Nommic does have eyebrows and eyes. He’s not all sunglasses.
Well, that’s about all. I’ll see if I can make another by sunday. Enjoy…