Okay. Seems self indulgent, but this is wrapping up the whole ‘Bookers-Girl’ character/saga. The next few comics are going to be sequential and will, hopefully, start to build the continuity that I’ve been thinking for a while about implementing into the strip.

What does this mean? It means that comics will no longer always be stand-alone gags, and might extend over several strips. Also, it’ll hopefully mean that the cast will begin to develop more defined characters, and will become their own entities instead of generic edifices or pale reflections of existing people.

That’s the goal, anyway.

I might (if I have time) get another comic up before next Monday. I’m sorry for having to skip two weeks worth of comics, but it couldn’t be helped. Uni is a curse. A curse which I bear with great complaint. And I cannot wait to be free of it.

Also, if anyone actually reads these and gets down this far, I’m seriously considering getting a website. So, if anyone interested in building one for me we can talk.