Best idea I had this week. It occurred to me that even if I wasn’t entirely happy with my hairdresser, I feel as though I owe her something.

Some loyalty. It’s as if some tacit accord has been entered into throughout the years, and I am now bound in ways I had not originally expected.

Much like a relationship. You start up with someone new to see what things could be like with them. You keep seeing them regularly because you like what they do for you, and soon enough they know you well enough that they’re able to make you happy without asking. Then things start getting stale. The familiarity moves from welcoming to tiresome, you try to change things up but in the end it’s always the same, and you can’t extricate yourself without feeling guilty.

Huh. That makes it sound like I’ve just been though a really bitter relationship. Weird. I haven’t.

Oh, and if anyone is wondering about the setting, I’d been wanting to have a comic take place there for quite a while.