Here is this weeks comic: “Why People Wear Goggles (Protection)”!

It occurred to me about half-way through writing this comic that there was an additional, far older, inspiration for the content.

The catalyst for this comic was a piece of stunning SBS broadcasting — 30 years, world’s best stories — which depicted a rather amorous Hitler-esque character spending some quality time with some very pleasant seeming women. Evidently it was quite warm, as they had all been forced to limit their clothing to a few scanty articles in order to remain at a comfortable temperature, while several documenters recorded the proceedings.

What puzzled me the most, however, was a scene where there was a line of men, all wearing goggles. I rather quickly developed a few conclusions as to why they were doing this, as it seemed unlikely that they were for swimming — there was no pool.

The funniest thing, however, was that the staff at this particular eatery had changed the channel from ‘Leathal Weapon 3′ TO this. When one of the waiters later disappeared into the back to change AWAY from SBS the audible disappointment from our table convinced him to return to this fine piece of programming.

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