Here is this weeks comic: “For a Third Time (Cradle Snatching)”!

Firstly, I hope everyone had a good New Year. I toyed with the idea of making a ‘resolutions’ comic — which had been vetoed BEFORE I saw that Penny Arcade had made one — but I felt I needed to make this one. Get it off my chest.

Yes, I went out on a date with an eighteen year-old. I did NOT know she was eighteen. I only found out she was eighteen during the date. And there was only one date. Even so, a girl younger than my mother! Sorry, in-joke.

Anyway, that event inspired this comic.

For those with good memories, they might notice that this has happened before. Gehndo has been bushwacked on two prior first dates.

And for the record, should I ever have another date I’ll be carding her.