Here is this weeks comic: “Midnight Tryst (New Years)”!

My mind was wandering the other day and it occurred to me that not only will I most likely be spending my New Years Eve sitting at home, but this will be another year when I won’t have anyone to kiss come the anointed hour. According to ‘The OC’ that is and incredibly important thing.

I should amend this to that I won’t have a GIRL to kiss come the anointed hour. Sorry, fellas, I ain’t a fan of sausage.

So, when sitting around determining which character would be the most likely to be desperate enough to try and plant one on his mate in lieu of a woman, just to have actually macked someone on New Years, I, of course, thought of Nommic.

I don’t know what it is, but for some reason Nommic has always had this role in my mind. Despite his ‘straight man’ standing within the comic, Nommic always seems to be the one who carries strange, hidden desires (Remember the ‘Boy Band’ dream sequence comic?). The others tend to make their disturbing thoughts far more public.

And, for the record, Nommic is single; as per the rules of this comic universe.

Anyway, I hope you all had a great Christmas and that you’ll all have a fantastic New Year.