Here is this weeks comic: “First Impressions (Karaoke)”!

Do you know how hard it is to come up with a comic about karaoke? A joke that isn’t private or so generic that there’s hardly any point making it?

It’s surprisingly difficult. I’ve had about half a dozen which I was convinced I’d use before deciding that they were rubbish and scrapping them. So, as you may have guessed, the topic to which I alluded last week was ‘karaoke’.

I had a my first karaoke experience a week ago.

Well, technically second, but that was at a mate’s birthday and I only sang one and a half songs before I was instructed to never, ever do it again.

I was actually surprised with how much I enjoyed it. Whether it was the activity or the company I’m not sure. I’ll let them decide. As I’ll let them decide how terrible my singing is. I suspect it’s something along the lines of the sort of sound you’d expect from the child of a cat and goat.

A couple of new characters in this comic. The girl in the left side of the panel you might remember seeing in the Mary Poppins comic. The girl to the right side of panel is entirely new, though. I haven’t come up with names for these characters yet, but I felt it was more appropriate to create and use them than utilise existing characters as stand-ins. If they appear in more comics I’ll make a point of naming them.

Oh, and that last song lyric *is* an in-joke. I couldn’t resist putting it in.

Anyway, comments and feedback are, as always, appreciated. Hope you enjoyed it, though.