Here is this weeks comic: “Not Always Better (Lip Gloss)”!

It’s taken me a while to think of a comic for this topic. It was something which came up in conversation a while ago. For some reason we were debating whether it’s necessary for there to be any flavours other than strawberry. If someone can remind me how that started I’d appreciate it, as my memory is a tad foggy.

What is with all these different flavoured lip glosses? Apple and cinnamon? Licorice? I mean, come on. I say this, of course, having sampled none of these. I do not — whatever you might have heard — pilfer sticks or pads or tubes of lip gloss while the clerk’s back is turned, and flee with my booty secreted within my pocket only to smear them on my own lips, gleefully, in darkened corners. Savouring the many various flavours.

No, I do not do this.

The topic of next week’s comic has already been decided — following a few requests — and brainstorming has begun. Bec and Beck, any ideas you – or Tanya, Joel, Link, etc. — have would be quite welcome. Certainly want to do this one justice. And since I’ve promised not to make any more Justin Bieber jokes, Easy Street is not an option.

Anyway, comments and feedback are, as always, appreciated. Hope you enjoyed it, though.