Here is this weeks comic: “The Real Reason (Glistening)”!

It always surprises me when you have an experience where a topic or subject which you’ve never discussed before is brought up, and then strangely occurs again within the week without provocation. Recently I was compared to the vampire (thankfully, I can honestly say I don’t know his┬áname) from ‘Twilight’. Not once, but twice in a week. From different people.

Now, this has never happened before. I’ve been accused of being many things — most of which have or will appear in a comic at some time — but a vampire who gets all glittery in sunlight, and (apparently) breaks into girls’ bedrooms at night, watching them sleep (romantic, apparently)? No, that hasn’t happened before. Well, HADN’T happened.

For the record I’ve never broken into a girl’s bedroom in the dead of night. And before someone tries to crack a gag remember, it wasn’t MY pants which were found in another man’s bed.

Comments and feedback is, as always, appreciated.