Here is this weeks comic: “A Need for Distraction (Double-Take)”!




If ANYONE knows ANYTHING about recordkeeping I need you to get your butt over to my house ASAP, because I know f**k all and am being royally screwed over! This is not a joke, I am serious. If you have any knowledge or understanding of recordkeeping (organisational analysis, recordkeeping framework, software and hardware requirements, etc.): I. NEED. YOUR. HELP!



Performed a little social experiment this week. I discovered that, on average, I make 5 double-takes at passing pretty girls per day. I also made 2 triple-takes through the week. Now, granted, there were only 3.5 days when I was out of the house, so who knows how accurate these results are.

Does that seem high? Low? About right? Guys, see how many times you do it in a day. Ladies, you can feel free, too. We’d all like to know how many times you double-take at passing pretty girls.