This story will conclude in next week’s comic – I promise!

I’ve got a bit of time  on my hands at the moment, and I’ve been thinking about my comics a bit. At the moment I’m thinking of starting a comic which actually has a plan. It would actually have a story which I would be telling over a set time period. Not just a collection of random stuff.

It’s something I’ve got in the back of my head at the moment. Something I’d like to do, but I’ll be a few months off at the very least. But that’s in no way guaranteed. If I do follow through with this, I will have to stop making Bushido and Oxymoron to provide enough time to work on it and to create content each month.

As I said, this is hardly a certainly. But a heads up to fans of Oxymoron and Bushido.

If I continue to develop it, I’ll let you just know.