Welcome to gehndo.com!

Home to the webcomics — past, present and future — of Troy Mantz.

Which is me. Wow. Crazy, eh?


I have been making comic strips over the past decade, off-and-on, for my friends, for myself, and for my sanity. Depicting humorous moments in my life, ridiculous observations, and the dark recesses of my mind.


gehndo.com is the first time I have built a website to showcase these comics, and marks the first time I have decided to show these strips to the general public.


For those who are new to my comics, you’ll find several different series featured on this site.


Memoirs of a Dateless Loser is my new, and ongoing webcomic. Updated once a week, and you can find an archive and description on the series page here.


Caffeinated  and C.O.M.I.C. are series which I started and wrote through my high school and university years, and they use the same characters that you’ll see in Memoirs of a Dateless Loser. They are now retired, and I have currently have no intention to create any new content for them in the future. That does not mean, however, that Memoirs won’t occasionally refer back to them, or build on their canon.


Bushido, and Oxymoron are also newer comics from 2013. Unlike a series above they are completely stand-alone, and mark a period where I was trying a few different things. Please check out their pages.


I hope you enjoy them.