In celebration of Valentine’s Day — because we all know how big a fan of ‘holidays’ I am — I’ve put together a little card that you can make for your loved one.

The card features one of the characters from the new comic I’m working on: the, as-of-yet-unnamed, kappa! Isn’t he adorable?


You can find the files here:
.pdf of external graphics
.pdf of internal graphics

Making the card is pretty simple:

1. Print up one side of the card onto a piece of thick paper or card stock.
2. Print up the other side of the card onto the reverse of the same piece of thick paper or card stock.
3. Be sure to print them up so that the insides aren’t upside-down when the card is opened.
4. Use the provided guide-marks to cut out the card to the correct size using a craft knife, guillotine or pair of scissors.
5. Fold the card.

The card should fit snugly into a C6 sized envelope.