Now, it’s been . . . four weeks since my last update on the new comic – Gods! Has it really been that long? — but I haven’t let it slide, despite the drudgery which is the holiday season. No, I have still be figuring out the plot, building the world, and developing the characters.

Unfortunately, my creative process is somewhat serendipitous in nature — just now I realised that word is derived from the the same word which names, possibly, the coolest spaceship ever, and I’m so very impressed with myself — which makes it more than a little . . . inconsistent.

I tend to have a story or a character bubbling away in the back of my head, stuck in a proverbial rut, that I can’t seem to find my way out of. That is, until I happen across something which just ‘clicks’. A piece of the story that I didn’t even know I was missing appears, and I get just that little bit closer to the finished product.

In this case it was discovering the show River Monsters, which made something which I had been turning over in my mind for months suddenly blindingly obvious.

Anyway, here are the sketches:


Here’s the brainstorming for the first female in the principal cast. As you can see, I haven’t quite nailed down her look yet.




Next is the result of my serendipitous moment. I can reveal one thing: This is a kappa.




And finally, another human character. I’ve almost got the main cast rounded out.




And finally — if the kappa didn’t already give it away – I can reveal this: The comic will feature monsters!

So I’m looking for your help! I want you to send me suggestions of your favourite monsters. Particularly those of the folklore variety!

To make a suggestion — or to just leave me some offensive (re. constructive) feedback — make a comment on this post, or on my twitter page.