This week I’ve done a heap of little sketches again — all over the place. I’ve worked more on ‘The Council’. I’m almost happy with them now.

But mostly I’ve been writing. Working on characters, plots and setting. I’ve put together a bit of database so I can keep track of all the elements. That way I can work on it at all times, update it from anywhere, and avoid potentially forgetting anything awesome that I come up with. Still heaps of work to do but, little-by-little, it’s coming together.

Instead of uploading several pictures like I did last week (some of which would have just been the same pages updated with new sketches), I’ve decided to just upload the newest page with the most content on it.




Drawing old people is tricky. Trying to make them look cool, but still frail, while avoiding cliches isn’t easy.

There’s one version on this page that I love, but I simply don’t think I can use it. I’ll probably end up using it as a base and spend a page playing around with his look until I feel it’s acceptable.