So, continuing from the last sketchbook entry, this is another character I’ve been working on.

You may have noticed that women tend to play a frequent role within Memoirs. You may have also noticed that those women tend to share a hue around their cranial regions. This is nothing gratuitous or base, this is a simple reflection of reality. Memoirs is, first and foremost, a biographical comic strip. Sensationalised perhaps, but essentially accurate.

And the simple truth is: I like redheads.

Since redheads seemed to be becoming a regular feature, I started designing an archetypal redhead character for the strip. I’m thinking that whenever the strip involves a redheaded woman I’m attracted to, I’ll use this character. It’ll save me designing scores of redheaded characters for each and every time they’re involved.

The process actually took quite a while. There were several designs, drafts, and re-drafts before I got it right.

Introducing a new character – Ginger.



Yeah, I know. ‘Ginger’ isn’t original. But what else was I supposed to call her?