I have finally gotten around to watching Star Trek: Into Darkness.

Being a Star Trek fan, I’m pretty critical of new additions to the franchise. I don’t apologise for this. I think it’s only natural to critique — heavily — something which is being added or changed to something which you enjoy. I don’t think it’s unfair to note distaste or disapproval it you don’t think something is ‘up-to-scratch’. And I think that people who look down on you as ‘taking it too seriously’ or ‘trying to find fault’ or ‘simply trying to ruin it for everyone else’ will one day be proven as a hypocrite when it it happens to them. Whether it be due to a singer, author, television show, or any other form of entertainment media.

At this point, it’s probably pretty obvious that I wasn’t a fan of J.J. Abrams’ first foray with Star Trek. The comment I has always made was that it was an excellent example of a sci-fi film, but a very poor interpretation of a Star Trek film. I stand by this statement, but will not go into detail now.

Star Trek: Into Darkness was a much improved attempt. While, ultimately, my opinion of this film is the same as above, there were moments where the film did feel ‘Star Trek’ — mostly in the interactions/banter between the crew.

Seeing this film, I have hope that a third flick will actually be Star Trek from opening to end credits.

However, after having seen both these films, I would really like to see Abrams tackle Mass Effect. The pace, the look, the feel of these films was so more ‘Mass Effect’ to me than what they were ‘Star Trek’, that I would be very curious to see him attempt it.