Lately I’ve been trying to draw a lot more. Not just three times a week when I make the comic, but also a little every day to keep building and working on my skills.

This has led to one of the little projects I’ve been working on. I’ve come to the conclusion that since I’m trying to be a little more serious about my work, that I’m going to try and develop some cool pieces. Pieces which I’m going to put behind glass or on canvas . . . I’m going to work towards becoming more of an artist.

This led me to Gehndo. He’s the character that I draw the most, he’s evolved the most, and at the end of the day he’s me. So it seemed logical for him to be one of the first prints I’d work on. It also gave me the opportunity to work on his new colour palette given that he’s gone through another wardrobe change.

Here are the results:

Poster_Gehndo_WebIt is at this point that I realise, after basing his look, style, clothing and colour scheme off my own, that Gods he looks like a hobo.